An introduction, of sorts

Hi there.  Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.


No, that’s not quite right. An ‘umble magician. There, that’s slightly more accurate.

This is a home to my occasional ramblings about game design and roleplaying games. Welcome!

6 thoughts on “An introduction, of sorts

  1. Well, hello there!

    I’m searching for a way to send word to your magical sanctuary, but I’ve come up with only this and other such Replies. Is that correct?

    The word I would send was about yet another thing I’ve been looking for, a way to browse this probably wonderful collection of Ponderings. An automatically created hyperlinked list of Ponderings.

    Frankly, I feel like a silly old man attempting to use a “programmable digital electronic computer”. Help?

    Yours truly,
    Poor Yorick

    1. Hey Poor Yorick,

      The menu button in the top right corner hides a tag cloud and a search bar, which should hopefully make looking for specific topics a bit easier. Other than that, there’s the slow and steady method of scrolling through all the entries from the main page, I guess. Anything in particular you’re after?

      1. Hi. Yes, I did see these.

        I was looking for anything rules- or mechanics-related, and especially I was hoping for some RPG systems reviews. It seems you don’t do too many of the latter? (I’ve just noticed the little “review” tag!)

        Mechanically, I was hoping to be able to browse titles of posts rather than entire posts. But since there aren’t so many reviews yet, I think I’ll be allright!

        Thanks for the insightful writing, once again!

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